Top Hotels With Advanced Technology

Top Hotels With Advanced Technology

An ideal place is crucial when someone is traveling to other countries. For some technology dedicated fans, these following geekiest hotels in the world could meet their expectations for the nice staying place and demand for playing games.

San Fransisco: The Hotel for Video Game and Manga Nuts
The Tomo Hotel, located in the center of Japantown in San Fransisco, California, has two 'gaming suites'. Seriously, these suites have devices to get its name: a Sony PS3 console, an 8 by 5 foot screen plus a Nintendo Wii. Especially, the rooms are decorated in accordance with Japanese culture theme.

The Hotel for Video Game and Manga Nuts

Poznan: Smile, You're on Camera
The Blow Up Hall 50 50 hotel in Poznan, Poland is equipped with a giant plasma screen that is linked to surveillance cameras, motion detectors and computers. Otherwise, iPhones are utilized in replacement keys and keycards.

Blow Up Hall 50 50 hotel

Palma de Majorca: For The DJ On Holiday
The Puro Hotel, also known as the 1700s palace in the heart of Palma de Majorca, offers its customers using the latest in audio and video equipment. A new recording studio recently been built.

The Puro Hotel

Japan: The Receptionist Robot
MechaDroid Type C3, introduced by Japanese company Business Design Laboratory, can fullfil all duties of hotel receptionist. The robot can speak, recognize faces of guests and contains a touchscreen tablet showing all necessary information.

MechaDroid Type C3

Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York
Coming for the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York, you've chance to own a Flip Ultra HD camcorder during the time you stay there. Furthermore, the 'iStudio' with an iMac clothed and software from Final Cut Pro will certainly entertain you.

Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York

Boston: Get an Eye-full of This
In the posh NINE Zero hotel in Boston, technology 'Cloud NINE Penthouse Suite' with iris recognition is utilized to open the door. That means guests have to look into a camera which is able to detect the room's occupant inside of two seconds.

NINE Zero hotel in Boston

Paris: Spend A Night At James Bond's Swingin' Pad
The Parisian Seven Hotel was made as endless inspiration for your world of James Bond. All gadgets, retro furniture along with a picture of Sean Connery around the wall is the same decoration in every room.

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